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UA120 Portable Urine Analyzer

* Handheld Type

* Home-use,convenient

* Test any time,any place

* Easy to use

* No pain

More details

1.Handheld Urine Analyzer

2.Non-invasive Detection and More Convenient

3.It is different with glucose meter's invasive testing method which needs blood     sample. The device only needs urine as testing sample which way is non-invasive and convenient.

4.More Testing Items and More Targeted.

5.The handheld  urine analyzer only needs 40 microliter urine sample. It can test the qualitative and semi-quantitative data of urine sugar,urine protein,urine microalbumin and urine ketone body within 45 seconds, while it can record 100 testing result which is convenient and easy to check and compare.

6.Accurate and Reliable Testing Result.

Comparing to the testing result of the the clinical large urine analyzer, this handheld urine analyzer's testing accuracy reaches more than 96% on average.

7.History record can be kept and checked.



UA120 Handheld Urine Analyzer

Scope of detection and display unit

Urine ketone body: 0~16mmol/L(0~160mg/dl)

Urine protein: 0~20g/L(0~2000mg/dl)

Glucose: 0~110mmol/L(0~1980mg/dl)

Microalbumin: 0~150mg/L(0~15mg/dl)

Testing time

45 seconds

Testing Wavelength


Sample dosage

10ul each hole

Working temperature scope


Working humidity scope


Result record quantity





185g (Battery included)

Power supply

Direct current 3.0V(4pcs of number 7 battery)

Rated power


Sample requirement

Fresh urine only

Device storage condition

-20°C-50°C, RH≤90%


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