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ORC-500 Color Doppler System

ORC-500 is a color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system with full digital multi-functions and ergonomics.
. Real face to clinical ultrasound diagnosis.
. Simple the complex operating process.
. Fully match the requirements of the most practical clinical functions.
. With solutions of updatable digital system

Scanning Techniques
Electronic linear scanning/ Convex scanning/ Annular array sector scanning/ Doppler pencil probes
Scan mode
2D(B mode), TM(M mode), PW, CW. CFM
Display mode
Single frame B/ Dual-frame B/ Quad-frame B
282 2D images, 128 color images
Gray Scale / Color Shade
256 white-black gray scale
128 color shade
3D reconstruction technology: Provide most practical 3D reconstruction software packing
Digital image file management and network communication system
80G main unit hard-disk, disk and CD memory, USB connector, DICOM output and input
Ultrasound workstation
Probe connector: 4
17 inches LCD color monitor

Probes for abdomen cardiology small parts perivascular galactophore paediatric muscle cadre endocavitary ( vaginal rectum ) transcranial. Common probes can together with piercing shelf.
Probe characteristic __ exceed wide frequency band(1.5-18MHz ) multi-frequency
Probe types __ Convex Linear Annular sector Pencil
Probe application __ multi-frequency multi-technology ( M. M. T )