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OCA-3200 Blood Coagulation Analyzer


◆ Preheating counter:4 pieces (for double-channel), 1 piece (for single channel), prompt sound arriving time.
◆ Permanently store fixed standard curve.
◆ linkage adding sampler, automatic touching-off testing.
◆ LCD crystal, Chinese display, man-machine dialogue operation, easy to learn.
◆ Built-in temperature sensing printer, printing single sample, single item and universe report.
◆ Full open program, arbitrary choice for reagent.
◆ Relative movement of steel ball is not be influenced by original blasma viscosity.
◆ The tested plasma is not interfered by icterus, hemolysis, chle, turbidity, etc.

Main technical:

◆ Testing item(18 items):PT、APTT、FIB、TT、HEP、LMWH、albumen C、albumen S、SPA、ATIII、blood coagulation factor II、V、X、VIII、IX、XI、XII
◆ Measuring accuracy:±3%
◆ Repeatability:±3%
◆ Linearity precision:R≥0.99
◆ Temperature control precision:37℃±0.3℃

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