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ORC-DBII Electric Medical Bed (Five Functions)

ORC-DBII electric medical beds are mainly used in medical unit, ICU and high-end ward.

    The operating table adopting Imported electric machine as safe, reliable, and noise-free. The body is made of  highquality carbon with the surface plastic sprayed. The top and end part of the bed is made of ABS engineering plastics. The whole manipulating mechanism can be divided into three parts named backboard transmission, leg board transmission and the up and down movement of the body. (ORC-DBII possesses the function of  forward and backward inclining of bed body)
Technical Specifications:
Table length:2100mm±50mm
Table width:1050mm±20mm
Height from bed to ground:550mm±50mm
Bed lift:≥200mm
Bed can lean frontward or backward:≥12°
Back board fold upward:≥70°
Leg board fold upward:≥35°
Main Voltage:AC220V±10% 50Hz 
Input power:210AV
Degree of protection of incoming liquid:IPX4
Noise at work:≤55dB