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ORC-22D Dental X ray Machine (Standing)

Dental X ray Machine (Standing)

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Power supply:AC220V±10% or AC110V±10%,50HZ or 60HZ
Tube voltage:60KVP
Tube current:8mA
Focus size:1.5mm
Total filtration:2.5mmAL
Exposure time:0.2-4sec
Leak radiation:Outside one meter≤0.002mGy/h
                (National standard:0.25mGy/h)
Optional:Tube current:0.5mA  Focus size:0.8mm

Power supply:  AC220V±10% or AC110V±10%,50HZ or 60HZ

Tube voltage:  60KVP

Tube current:   8mA

Focus size:      1.5mm

Total filtration: 2.5mmAL

Exposure time: 0.2-4sec

Leak radiation: Outside one meter≤0.002mGy/h

                      (National standard:0.25mGy/h)

Optional:  Tube current:0.5mA  Focus size:0.8mm

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