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ORC-18 Cassette Sterilizer/Autoclave

Quick sterilization solution for small type medical appliances used in dental clinic, E.N.T and gynecology departments.


The shortest sterilization cycle only needs 6-7 minutes. Compared with the autoclave with a longer sterilization cycle, this quicker autoclave prolongs the life time of the medical appliances relatively, because the cycle time of the sterilized appliances exposed to the high temperature is less.

Three press buttons for different sterilization programs, the time and temperature of sterilization can be set freely according to the user’s needs.

Under the circumstances of unqualified water and water shortage in the tank, it gives an alarm signal and flashes on the display. For the low temperature and the low pressure during the sterilization process, it will stop the sterilization cycle automatically, the error information is displayed and printed at the same time.

Small dimension, light weight, wide ambient working condition, easy to operate. The cassette is also a good medical appliance container for temporary deposit and carry.


Max steam temperature 138 °C
Water tank volume. 3.4L
Water using ,Distilled water, pure water or ultra pure water
Voltage. 220V±20% 50Hz
Printer  Thermal type
Print speed   5 mm/s
Paper roll  ,Width 57mm,roll diameter 48mm,approx. 180 cycles per roll

1.8 Liter

Sterilization chamber volume 1.8 L

Machine dimensions.570 *415*170mm

Sterilization cassette size (External). 390*196*40mm

Sterilization cassette size (Internal).280*180*35mm

Net Weight 27 kg

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