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OBA-320 Biochemistry Analyzer

◆ Grating as dispersion element, with adjustable wavelength, long life span, without the trouble of changing filter.
◆ Full open programming, suitable for all kinds of reagents.
◆ Large screen, English and image display, report print in English.

Main technical:
◆ Wavelength range: arbitrary setup between 330-800nm
◆ Wavelength precisio:±1nm
◆ Absorbency testing range:-0.3-3.0Abs
◆ Absorbency resolution:0.001Abs(display)0.0001Abs(inner)
◆ Stability:≤0.002Abs/h
◆ Crossed contamination:<1%
◆ Flow comparator cell:10nm 32ul
◆ Temperature control:25℃、30℃、37℃、room temperature
◆ Temperature accuracy:±0.1℃
◆ Absorbing sample capacity one time:arbitrary set between 100ul and 2000ul
◆ Display Large screen, English liquid crystal display
◆ Printer build.in wide line high speed thermal sensihve printer, printing English report sheet, with the function of inspecting result and judge
◆ Power supply:220V±15% 50Hz ±2%

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