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Full Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer OBA-2280


1.It can automatically optimize testing order, reduce waiting time, improve testing speed.

2.Automatic stirring and mixing, makes the mixture of sample and reagent more even, reaction more perfect.

3.Stand-alone freon-free environmental protectional refrig eration system, refrigerating for 24 hours without a break,guarantee the quality of the reagent.

4.Flexile and open reagent scheme, one reagent is available to many items.

5.Free set of calculation item of multi-item participation.

6.Completed quality-control scheme, different thickness of high, medium, Iow, support L-J and X-B quality control.

7.Dynamic real-time reaction curve monitors the disabled reagent timely, prompt too high thickness and make automatic dilution of sample.

8.Insert emergency at any time, and start emergency testing at fist time.

9.In running, the graphic guide-view system of reagent and sample tray makes it more easy to provide the user to look over and master testing information.

10.Strong database storage technology, millions of results storage, with no influence to running speed.

11.Complete setup to reference range as different sex and age provides convenience to clinical reference.

Main technical

Wavelength:8 filters,340、380、405、492、510、546、578、630mm,r match as user' s demand

Tempearature control:25℃、30℃、37℃、±0.1℃

Analysis method: end point, dynamic, fixed time, sample blank, reagent blank, absorbency, double-wavelength, etc.

Testing speed: 200 samples/hour.

Reagent capacity: 3 reagent tray, and 17 different reagents in each tray.

Sample plate: put 45 samples on it each time.

Sample Plate:<1%

Computer:Pentium computer chip.

Monitor: big-screen color monitor.

printer: outside high resolution printer.

Keyboard: standard computer keyboard.

Exterior interface: two-way RS-232. USB interface


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