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ECG Holter, 3 Channel (HECG9803)

HECG9803 Holter ECG Systems

More details

The HECG series DCG systems is composed of the ECG recorders, a computer systems, a laser printer and the software. The recorder adopts PCB and SMD technology, build in flash storage media that increases its memory capacity. The sampling rate of 200, 500, 1000 sampling sec has improved that quality of waveform. The software of the system is checked by AHA and MIT, which ensure its accuracy.

Fetures of Recorder holter:
1. Design and development of advanced technologies, to ensure that records boxes stable, reliable work, long life
2. With powerful anti-jamming, anti-vibration capabilities
3. Record boxes small, with OLED color screen, 260, 000 color 160 * 128 resolution
4. With waveform preview, record review, event tagging
5. Own real-time clock, can accurately record the start time of data collection
6. TF card with embedded data storage to avoid damage caused by repeated insertion
7. Capacity up to 2GB, to ensure full analysis of raw data storage, no compression
8. High-speed USB2.0 interface, a single medical record average playback time of less than 40 seconds, plug and play
9. Inside the record with high accuracy, high frequency sampling design, a complete record of the details of ECG waveform
10. Each record box equipped with a higher sampling frequency pacing record, accurate records of the working status of the pacemaker

Features of Software:

11. Superposition based on multi-channel slope (MCSSTM) and multi-layer classification tree (TMCATM) in Arrhythmia analysis can greatly reduce the workload of doctors.
12. Using 12-lead simultaneous analysis of QRS wave to find the accurate, non-distortion
13. Analysis of flexible channel selection function, optional random access channel based analysis
14. Flexible analysis of atrial fibrillation, so that physicians can use whole, sub-automatic, manual analysis of atrial fibrillation to atrial fibrillation of more accurate
15. Pacing of the powerful, can analysis AAI, VVI, DDD pacemaker and all other
16. Dual-chamber pacing ", " pacing ", " pacing ", " false ventricular fusion "and" pacing "and many other pacing Analysis Module
17. Quick review of features, can be recalled any time of the single-lead or full-lead ECG
18. Heart rate variability with short-and long-5 minutes 1 hour and 24-hour heart rate variability
19. One-stop printing, print reports quickly and conveniently
20. Advanced analysis of ST segment, ST anomalies can be full, and according to event analysis, so that physicians can determine a full range of myocardial ischemia

21.21Unique "sleep apnea" analysis can predict the risk of sleep apnea
22. "Heart rate turbulence" of a perfect predictor of the risk of death in patients with myocardial infarction
23. "T wave alternans" analysis to predict ventricular arrhythmia, an important indicator of sudden cardiac death


1. Number of Lead: 3-lead
2. Sampling Frequency: 10000Hz
3. Sampling accuracy: 12Bit
4. Recording time: 24 hours
5. Power Supply: Two AA alkaline batteries
6. Data Interface: USB2.0
7. Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 5%
8. Standard Sensitivity: 10mm/mV ± 5%
9. Noise level: ≤ 30μ V
10. Common-mode rejection ratio: ≥ 60dB
11. Low frequency performance: Time constant of not less than 3.2s
12. Scanning speed: 25mm / s ± 5%
13. Resistance polarization voltage: ± 300mV DC polarization voltage, the sensitivity change is less than ± 10%
14. Minimum detectable signal: 50 μ V p-p15. Product Safety Type: Internal power supply part B applications
15. Record Box Size: 111mm (L) X 60mm (W) X 25mm (H)
Record box Net Weight: About 102g

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